My name is Melanie Jacobson. Professionally I am a naturopathic doctor, lactation consultant and the creator of Thrive Beyond Birth. Personally, I am a wife and mother of 2 amazing girls. 

It was my difficult and emotional journey into motherhood which has led me down this professional path. I was a new mom, going through all the new mom adjustments and I was completely unprepared.

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Many times over the years, my husband would ask me, "Do you remember when Isabelle (our first born) did this?" or "Do you remember when that happened?" I couldn't! I was there but I wasn't THERE. Kind of like listening to someone speak, but not really HEARING them. People try to comfort me by saying "well you had a traumatic birth experience" or "it was the hormones or sleep deprivation." Well, yes. Those do play a part. But I feel that it was more than that.

I was missing out on a community of other women; mothers going through similar challenges that I was.

I remember keeping to myself and trying to roll with it and do everything myself. But I was also missing the important self-care knowledge that could keep my body and mind up to par with the challenges I was facing. I lacked the word “self” in self-care. I was caring a whole lot about everyone and everything around me except for me.

My husband eventually stopped reminding me of all those moments that I had missed, as I think he saw the sadness in my eyes when I had no idea what he was talking about. 

It is that regret, that lump in my throat, those lost memories, that even after all these years, fuels my desire to want to help and care for all of you.

In Beyond Birth, I have created a program to help expecting moms prepare for their beyond birth journey.


I have also established a community of moms, who want to support each other and feel supported at the same time. Within this community lies a specially crafted group of postnatal professionals to share knowledge and hands on support that every new mother may need.

For more information on my individualized  support, I offer one-on-one postnatal and breastfeeding support  at melaniejacobsonnd.com.

I look forward to supporting you in whatever way I can, so that you can experience ALL the memories and remember them fondly and lovingly.

Learn more about my group program, Awaken your Afterglow, my online education plus individualized one-on-one approach, The Complete Breastfeeding Blueprint, or my free webinar, The New Mommy Summit!

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