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The Complete Breastfeeding Blueprint

This program was created to provide expecting parents with the information they need to begin their parenthood journey with confidence while having their home baby-ready and their supports available to play their role.

This approach works best in conjunction with early hands-on postnatal professional support in the first months of being a mom.

You can begin this educational resource online in your third trimester, so you can gain the knowledge that you need to prepare for the birth and feel at ease to start breastfeeding.  Once the baby arrives, you can continue to use this course to follow the tangible recommendations for your breastfeeding journey with the option of  booking in for additional individualized support, which are billed separately at the end of each visit.

Throughout the journey, you will have access to the Thrive Beyond Birth facebook group. By joining other mothers and getting support throughout your journey, you will find connection and community from day one.


Learn from an experienced health professional, giving you confidence going into your birth and tangible steps to feel more at ease to begin breastfeeding.

Option to book in for ongoing virtual or in-person lactation support that can be beneficial for all new moms.

Meaningful worksheets to create your own birth and postnatal experience as well as helpful guides to take you through the transition into motherhood.

This blueprint was created out of necessity...

Too many times, I have seen new parents completely overwhelmed, with no insight on what to do once the baby arrives. I witness their distress interfering with the bonding that needs to take place for a smooth transition into parenthood and breastfeeding. 

So many new parents are informed about the birth, but that’s where it ends.  

I have observed new parents blessed with beautiful, textbook birth experiences, only to find themselves completely ill-equipped with what to do next. They have all the gadgets, wipe warmers, the newest strollers but NO supports in sight. Nobody to help them with meals, or housework while they walk around like zombies, stressed out because they can’t afford a night nurse. 

They have no knowledge of which professionals they need or where to find them!

Why didn’t they prioritize their postnatal planning ahead of time?

Why didn't they seek out their postnatal professionals before they were met with overwhelming challenges?

I get it — I didn’t either. And let me tell you, I regret it to this day, many years later. I regret not having the knowledge of what to do once I brought my beautiful baby home and having blind trust that breastfeeding would just happen. I regret it, years later, because my first memories as a new mother are anxiety-filled, and stressful. It still initiates a visceral response in me to this day.

Hi! My name is Melanie Jacobson, ND IBCLC

Professionally I am a naturopathic doctor, lactation consultant and the creator of the Complete Breastfeeding Blueprint. Personally, I am a wife and mother of 2 amazing girls. It was my difficult and emotional journey into motherhood which has led me down this professional path. I was a new mom, going through all the new mom adjustments and I was completely unprepared. This online education course with the option of extra individualized care is an approach to ensure that your path into parenthood is different than mine. You will feel more prepared to know what to do and what to expect once your baby arrives with the option to have the ongoing guidance of a health professional who is passionate about supporting new moms.

Melanie Jacobson, NB, IBCLC,, prenatal education and postnatal support

The online educational program offers comprehensive knowledge, and support
in 3 important areas:



  • Postnatal planning
  • Getting your home baby-ready
  • Techniques to promote calm and relaxation for your entire journey
  • Understand how to nourish yourself in pregnancy and planning for your postnatal nutrition
  • Appreciate how your body will change from the final weeks of pregnancy, into your breastfeeding experience
Beyond Birth, prenatal education, postpartum support


  • Knowledge of the stages of birth
  • Comfort measures for labour
  • Understanding how the birth affects breastfeeding


  • Feel more prepared with the knowledge of what to expect and what to do in the early days after your baby is born
  • Understand how breastfeeding works and know what to do in the first critical days after birth to initiate breastfeeding as smoothly as possible
  • Learn how to properly manage breastfeding into the first months of breastfeeding
  • Infant sleep and feeding
  • Moods in the postpartum period
  • Feel confident to prevent and address breastfeeding challenges

The best time to begin working with me is in your third trimester.

Joining a community of expecting and new parents, to ask your questions and share ideas, is also of huge value. 

I will be available on the facebook group to answer your questions and support you through your journey. And who knows, you might even meet a friend to experience your new parent moments together.

The Complete Breastfeeding Blueprint - online education has 12 modules

Module 1

Introduction to Postnatal Life

Module 2

From Birth to Breastfeeding

Module 3

New Mommy Nutrition

Module 4

Breastfeeding 101

Module 5

Breastfeeding Specifics

Module 6

Dealing With Challenges

Module 7

Postpartum Moods

Module 8

Breastfeeding Management

Module 9

Help! She Won't Stop Crying

Module 10

Pumping and Breast Milk Storage

Module 11

Infant Sleep

Module 12

Where Do We Go From Here?

You will get all the knowledge and resources you need to feel prepared and confident going into motherhood, as well as the option to book in for individualized support! 

Naturopathic and lactation consulting appointments are for Ontario residents only and will be billed separately after each session.

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