Awaken Your Afterglow


Join other moms and babies in their fourth trimester to create your village and learn from postnatal experts!

We are in a time where we are able to communicate with others around the world instantaneously, but yet we are also so disconnected from our local communities, neighbours and loved ones.  

Add in the potential overwhelm that motherhood may bring, and new moms tend to isolate themselves further and look for answers in cyberspace.

I was isolated as a new mom. I had read the “becoming a parent” books. I had a vision of doing it all on my own, not needing the support of others, of being the supermom.  

Years later, after struggling with my first child, and then supporting new moms professionally through their journeys, I realized that we are all supermoms!

We don’t need to feel overwhelmed, tired and isolated! We CAN get out of the house on a cold winter’s day, after a long sleepless night. We CAN feed our baby exactly how we want. 

We CAN be the moms that we want to be, while sharing our journey, connecting with and learning from each other.

There is power in numbers. 

We are social beings, we crave community and this community is for new moms looking to share their successes and help each other through the more challenging days.

This community also offers the knowledge and hands-on support of specially crafted like-minded postnatal professionals!

You might be telling yourself: “I have a baby. I’m tired. I didn’t sleep last night. There's no one here to help me get out the door.” I’ve heard that. I’ve felt that. 

I’ve told myself all the reasons why I can’t get out the door for social interaction.

But you need this. Your baby and your family need you to have this community.

There will be other tired moms who are looking to interact while keeping their babies close by. This community welcomes everyone. Breastfeeding moms, bottle feeding moms, and all things in between. No need to say sorry when your baby cries or screams; a gathering without judgment. Scheduled-nappers, going-with-the-flow nappers, and the non-nappers all hanging out, sharing and learning.

We are all on the same team. We are all supermoms!

Calling moms in their fourth trimester!

  • Build your village and new mom supports
  • Gain confidence to awaken your afterglow
  • Acquire expert knowledge from the best curated postnatal professionals
  • Benefit  from 6 weeks of amazing programming
  • Receive  a swag bag loaded with useful gifts

Check back in the spring of 2022!

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